That's what Cognizant Mobility stands forĀ 

Those who want the future need foresighted ideas. And a partner who understands them right from the start.

We believe in an intelligent mobility ecosystem for a future worth living. And we believe in accelerating the path to the new age with software and systems. As the driving force behind this global change, we provide our customers with the necessary impulses, technical know-how and products to achieve this goal together.

Cognizant Mobility is a specialized solution provider for complex electronic and IT systems in trend topics that move the market. Whether software development and operation, connectivity solutions, E/E complete vehicle development, data analytics, cyber security, system integration or testing - with knowledge and experience we provide our customers with the necessary impulses, the technical know-how, the products and the hands to achieve this common goal.

Solutions to the problems of contemporary mobility are not created under laboratory conditions. You have to overcome limits, be courageous, question existing thought patterns and reduce complexity. This is the only way to come up with ideas that work and add value. We call this working inventiveness and value-creating idea partnership. Being aware of these values again and again is what makes Cognizant Mobility a brand.


Future meets reliability. It all started with an airplane.

The responsibility for sophisticated system development, system integration and system support is deeply embedded in our DNA due to Cognizant MOBILITY's 55-year history.

Cognizant Mobility originated from a certified aviation company. Due to numerous problems with the controllability of the Starfighter, resulting in many crashes and tragic fatalities, the Federal Ministry of Defense demanded a solution in 1963. The foundation for today's Cognizant Mobility was laid. By viewing the aircraft as a holistic system, our engineers succeeded in analyzing the fault behavior of the components and making the technology controllable - thus increasing the safety and operational readiness of the Starfighter.

Cognizant Mobility has been providing know-how to automobile manufacturers and suppliers with locations around the world for almost 30 years. The starting shot in the automotive industry was given in 1984. This was followed by the consistent expansion of the automotive division with projects for BMW and other well-known German OEMs. Long-term partnerships connect us to the present day. 

Even nowadays, the technology transfer between the industries distinguishes us and provides the decisive competitive edge. In automotive and avionics, the focus is on highly complex technologies and increasingly networked systems. In the future, we will continue to expand this lead and be an engineering partner, process know-how provider, technology consultant and IT expert all in one.

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Compliance at Cognizant Mobility

Cognizant Mobility has committed itself as a company to act responsibly and lawfully by means of the "Compliance Code of Conduct". This "Code of Conduct" shows every employee the values, regulations and behaviors that are central to Cognizant Mobility. Business partners of Cognizant Mobility are also obliged to comply with the guidelines of the Code of Conduct. As confirmation of this basic attitude, Cognizant Mobility requires either alignment with the business partner's own Code of Conduct, which corresponds in terms of content, or with a common industry code.